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Real life besties who have completely healthy fake friendships with notable personalities.

About Tim:

-Husband of 1. Father of 2.

-Reads exclusively on the toilet

-90% of his favorite songs are written for a film but a terrible film (example: All for One, All for Love by Rod Stewart for Three Musketeers)

-Believes Ceviche should just be called Spanish Sushi

-Avid reader of movie reviews (spoilers and all)

-Overally emotional basketball fan

-Has excellent penmanship


Favorite podcasts:

How Did This Get Made, Getting Doug with High, You Made It Weird, Call Chelsea Perretti, Bill Simmons Podcast, Spontaneation with Paul F. Tompkins, Improv4Humans



First Fake Bestie:

Dana Carvey at age 12

About Mo:

-is happiest when consuming 4-6 cups of coffee before 10am

-big fan of avoiding all forms of winter sports

-dreams of teaching step aerobics when she is in her 70s

-listens to riot grrrl to calm her nerves

-favorite color is orange

-hasn't enjoyed going to a mall for roughly 13 years



Favorite Podcasts:

Popaganda, Politically Re-Active, How I Built This, Maeve in America, Bitch Sesh, Freakonomics Radio, Anna Farris Unqualified, 2 Dope Queens, The Dinner Party Download, Nerdette




First Fake Bestie:

Kirsten Dunst at age 11

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